Speedwave Two

The temperature of every single sample is measured contact-free and directly in real time by means of the integrated speedwave DIRC thermometer, whereas customary IR temperature sensors can only detect the surface temperatures of the digestion vessels. Microwave radiation does not interfere with this type of temperature measurement; it is absolutely acid-resistant and it is not necessary to connect the otherwise customary sensors.


Speedwave four

The pressure vessels are positioned in the microwave oven by suspending them in a rotor system. The standard design allows for 12 vessels per rotor. High sample throughput as is frequired for routine applications is also ensured by a 24-holder rotor. Vessels and the rotor system represent independent components, allowing the pressure vessels to be individually removed or installed.


Pressure Digestion

High-quality materials are the prerequisite for the long-lasting, robust, and safe pressure digestion systems from Berghof. Simple filling without the need for special handling skills as well as the continuous digestion process with results which can be reproduced at any time due to uniform heating, represent the decisive advantages.