Semi-Micro Osmometer K-7400

The Semi-Micro Osmometer K-7400 measures the freezing point depression of liquids and it is based on the succesful predecessor model Type Dig. L The principle of total osmolality is to determine the osmolality of body fluids such as blood (serum) and urine.


Eurospher I – The HPLC Columns

Eurospher I is a silica-based HPLC packing material for a wide range of analytical, semi-preparative and process scale separations. It is ideally suited for high resolution normal phase and reversed phase chromatography. With more than 20 years on the market, the Eurospher stationary phase has earned a reputation as a stable and reliable partner for daily separation tasks.


Azura Bio Analytical (FPLC)

The new AZURA line of elements has been designed to provide highly adaptable FPLC solutions with up-to-date features. AZURA will offer you reliable technology, extensible equipment, and flexibility in your choice of applications, making the instruments a future-proof investment.

Azura Analytical HPLC

The new AZURA Analytical HPLC instruments are designed to meet your everyday challenges with versatility and reliability. These systems are flexible in many ways. Available in a range of materials, flow rates and complexity levels, AZURA uses cutting edge technology.

Ultra fast, Mega flexible-PLATINblue

Take advantage of the extraordinary separation power offered by sub-2 μm packed columns with PLATINblue ultra high performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC) systems. Optimized for UHPLC, PLATINblue systems can also be configured for use with conventional HPLC columns, making PLATINblue an excellent investment for any laboratory.