DataStream Software

DataStream is a very fast, easy to load onto a suitable PC, and very easy to use software. All of the functions which the Cecil spectrophotometer or Cecil scanning UV/Visible HPLC detector performs on a stand-alone basis, may be performed using the equivalent PC keys.

Photodiode Detectors

Powerful Integral Control -
Rapid operation with ease of use is provided by the powerful software built into the computing system of the Aquarius instruments. The standard software is remarkably comprehensive but may be expanded, at any time, by E-SEF to release additional software modules when required.

Photomultiplier Detectors

Total Capability -
The Super Aquarius instruments offer all the features of the Cecil Aquarius double beam instrument with additional optical sophistication,enhanced performance and added power. Super Aquarius is the choice for versatility, ultimate performance and the measurement of diverse and difficult samples.